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October 29, 2010

Can great customer service providers be made or are they born?

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I’m thinking that this discussion is as old as the “are leaders born or made” question.  I’m curious as to how you answer the question.  Myself I tend to think, as with leadership, that some people just have certain characteristics and strengths that make them more prone to certain behaviors.  And my feeling is, that a company which has a culture of service that is lived and breathed from the top leadership down, has a better chance of not only attracting these types of people but “making” the rest of the team embrace the culture or philosophy in order to succeed. They model the service behavior they expect and it catches on down the line. 

To be sure, as with anything, some people will “get it” and others won’t and those who do have a great chance to be given more opportunity for leadership and success.  Those who don’t will weed themselves out.  So I think for me, I feel that service can be “caught”,”taught”, however you want to say it. 

Setting clear expectations is the first step to allowing others to learn what the culture is.  From there if they are properly equipped to solve problems and make decisions they move further toward serving the customer.  Empowerment is the best way to see how someone is going to lead on an opportunity and if they are properly equipped, empowerment is the next step (albeit the hardest).  And of course the example of those in leadership is what will ultimately be followed so if we’re not getting what we expect we may need to check ourselves as leaders.

So what do you say?  Great service providers, born?  Or made?


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