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July 23, 2010

Can someone please explain it to me?

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Why some people and/or companies “get” customer service and others don’t?  I was facilitating a discussion on my favorite topic (customer service) the other day and there were so many “heroic” stories shared about things people had done to serve their customers.  It seemed to me that most of this crowd “got it” when it came to the philosophy of customer service.  It’s really about meeting needs and solving problems for others.  So the question for me is, for those who don’t “get it” why don’t they?

Do they honestly just not think the way others think when it comes to how to serve a customer?  Are they not good “problem solvers”?  Can this be taught? Learned?  Do they not realize that great service is a truly low cost way to increase business?  Maybe because I don’t recall working for any company in my career (or even during my high school and college days) that did not have a least a grasp on the need to make a solid commitment to service I struggle with this.  However, as a consumer I experience it way more than I’d like to.  And darn it let’s face it……….I’m just utterly passionate about the subject for some crazy reason.  I love to hear stories about it and I love to share them (both the good and bad and sometimes ugly). 

 And speaking of that, we also talked about our role as consumers in the customer service process. I’ve touched on that a bit in past postings on this blog.  We need to give feedback to our vendors, suppliers, service providers, etc. so that they can continually improve their service.  Unless of course it’s already perfect, which I doubt, because it’s generally delivered by people and as wonderful as they can be, they are indeed human and therefore flawed at times. 

 Even when I was on vacation a few weeks ago we got in to a discussion about customer service.  I’m not sure how it started but the story telling began and it was amazing how everyone at the table got in on it.  Clearly we have a desire to be honored as consumers thru good service.  I’m not even talking exceptional here, just “good” would probably be acknowledged. Great certainly should be since it appears to be more rare these days. And exceptional warrants a note to the manager in my opinion. 

 Who’s got a great story out there about a recent service experience good or bad?  I want to hear it.


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