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June 18, 2010

So customer service is not “sexy enough” huh?

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Earlier this week I ran across some great customer service articles by Dan Elder, published on  They were a 5 part series on “The No Cost Secret to Increasing Sales and Profitability.”  They came across my wire via a LinkedIn group that I’m part of, and naturally the customer service topic intrigued me, so I popped in to ezines to check out what Mr. Elder had to say. 

After reading the articles I commented on some of the observations that he made (mainly because I totally agree with him about the complete lack of attention to customer service in many arenas these days) and he was kind enough to begin a dialogue on the subject.  He mentioned that he writes articles on multiple subjects and that interestingly enough, the customer service topic is the least read/followed of the subjects that he presents.  He said “I think it’s not ‘sexy enough’ for the audience to really find interest.  And I confess that I can relate, because I’ve been writing on this topic for about 3-4 months now and I’m still waiting for someone who is passionate enough about it to get a dialogue going with me on this forum.  I’m also hoping of course, that business owners, leaders and managers will take notice and say “Hum? I wonder how my customer service is really being delivered how it is impacting my business?”

I truly love the subject, and love to have conversations with people about it because it really is and can be for a company, a “No Cost Secret to Increasing Sales and Profitability”.  I mean who wouldn’t want to embrace a “no cost” solution?  Simply makes no sense to me.  I would think most business owners find increased sales and profitability pretty “sexy”.  I guarantee their shareholders do, if they are publically traded, and employees of private companies most assuredly appreciate sales and profits because that’s what keeps them employed. 

The purpose for being in business is to bring products and/or services to the marketplace (the customer). Without the customer we don’t exist.  Without demand we don’t need supply.  Why in the world wouldn’t companies embrace every possible concept, method, tactic and strategy to provide great customer service?  It’s one of those things I like to refer to as “simple but not easy”. It’s simple to provide great service (in my mind) but apparently not so easy or more companies would be doing it right? Or am I just way off base here?



  1. Hey Gina,

    “Isn’t that interesting?” that many business owners are not interested in customer service. One reason is it’s hard to measure the effects. The accountants don’t have a line item for customer service. It’s hard to measure ROI of great customer service.
    Do you know of any metrics to measure?
    I think customer survey’s help but not always getting truthful feedback is a challenge.
    Thanks for your blog and keep carrying the torch for great customer service!

    Comment by Hugh — June 18, 2010 @ 2:30 am | Reply

    • Great point Hugh. Other than purely anecdotal I don’t really have any tangible ways that I’m aware of it to measure it. Are you aware of any? I’ll have to see if Dan Elder has any.
      Thanks for the feedback.

      Comment by ginaherald — June 21, 2010 @ 1:05 am | Reply

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