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June 2, 2010

How do you view your role as a consumer when it comes to customer service?

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I had a couple of comments on my LinkedIn update about my last blog post on customer service. Pretty much just that good service is indeed important and that it has continued on the down hill slide over the last few years.  So it seems that we agree:  Customer service is important, sets you apart from your competitors and helps you retain clients.  In that case I ponder why companies have allowed it to decline steadily over the last several years.  Why have we, as consumers, allowed it to happen around us?  To us?  What role do we play in reviving it?  Where do we start?

Do you tend to go with the flow of whatever level of service you receive or do you give feedback?  And I’m talking about feedback on both exceptional and not so good service experiences.   Does it make a difference where you are whether or not you choose to give feedback? 

If you’ve never read it the MSN Money/Zogby poll that reports on the “Customer Service Hall of Shame” and the “Customer Service Hall of Fame” each year it is worth checking out.  What stood out to me this year (it just came out a couple of weeks ago) was that 9 of 10 companies on the “shame” list were repeat offenders, meaning they made the list last year too.  In my mind, not exactly a list I’d want to be named to more than once.  So why don’t they do something about it?   Because they can’t? Won’t?  Don’t know what to do?  Don’t know what their customers want?  Because we let them get away with it? 

The hall of fame list has airlines, retailers/grocers, insurance companies……on the hall of shame list it’s pretty much financial services, and telecom/cable/phone/internet.  Interesting that similar industries seem to have a tough time figuring it out.  Maybe all those regulations make it harder for them?  Who knows.  Maybe we can help them with some good advice here?



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